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Summer is upon us which gives us the perfect chance to update our wardrobe in style.

This season when it comes to prints - the trend is the bolder the better.

Now hold on! We know bold prints get flak for being over the top and in your face. Furthermore, it can be daunting and guys run the risk of overdoing it and looking like a mess. However, with right styling, boldest of the prints can be worn stylishly. So why not step out of your comfort zone with a little color and print this season.

 Here’s a couple of reasons why you should be wearing prints this summer!

  1. There’s plenty of choice in our collections, from shorts to shirts.
  2. Secondly, everyone wears brighter colour in summer, so you don't run the risk of being out of place.

 It is very easy to update your wardrobe with bold prints, colours and patterns. The trick is letting the print be the focal point. 



 Stay on top of your style game with our floral printed poplin shirts. Choose from a Japanese Peony or a Hawaiian shirt paired with neutral toned linen shorts and of course a pair of boat shoes or sandals, and you have your perfect weekend getaway beach look sorted.



Looking for a more casual vibe? Our Tees the perfect way to easily incorporate print in your wardrobe. With bold floral prints, paired with neutral linen shorts, it’s the perfect summer outfit to take you from beach to bar on those casual Fridays.


Mens Board Shorts


Feeling adventurous? Nothing beats Aussie beaches when it comes to having fun and our boardshorts are all about that. With a multitude of prints from florals to palms, geometrics to beach side prints –we have covered. Our newly released “Day Tripper” boardshorts are relaxed, easy and quick drying to keep you in style whether you’re out in the salty sea or on the shore. The trick remains the same – pair them up with a solid color, or in the case of shorts… nothing works just as well.

When buying wardrobe prints consider going for similar looking prints either in the same background color or contrasting pastels. The trick is to keep the overall vibe so you can always switch either one for a solid toned piece.

Have a little fun this season with prints that are bold, bright and perfect for Australian summer.

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