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Winter is creeping in and while it may be time to kiss goodbye to sandy beaches and long afternoons in the sun with your mates, the colder weather is no excuse to head indoors for good. If you’re planning on heading to the snow for the first time this winter, here are some tips to get you started:

Should I ski or snowboard?

Ah, the eternal question. You may find ski-ing easier to pick up on a one-day trip, but if you’re hitting the snow for a few days in a row, you’re probably going to notice a greater improvement on a snowboard once you nail a few basics. If you’re renting gear, why not give both a try?

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What should I wear?

While there are endless options for on trend snow gear, there’s no need to spend the big bucks for your first time up the mountain- just make sure to steer clear of jeans or other cotton fibers or you’ll be an icy-pole by lunchtime. Opt for multiple layers with a waterproof jacket and pants to keep your core warm and  don’t forget to accessorise with gloves, warm socks and a helmet- if you’ve decided to give snowboarding a go, wrist-guards are always a good idea as well. And never hit the slopes without a quality SPF sunscreen!

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What can I expect?

Your instructor will probably start you on a nice gentle slope to begin with while they make sure you get the basics- the sooner you pick these up, the sooner you’ll be ready to branch out on your own. After your lesson, it’s a good idea to check with your instructor where you should head next- many a potentially great skier has ended up in first aid after trying too much too soon.

At the end of the day, make sure to take care of yourself. You’ll probably discover some aching muscles so take some time to stretch out, enjoy a hot shower, and relax in a pair of Coast Clothing Co PJs before hitting the slopes again tomorrow.

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