Dad is our hero.

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Our dads have taught us many life lessons. As children we continuously looked to our dads for problem solving and even as an adult, we continue to pull from our experiences, and his, asking ourselves, ‘What would Dad do?’ Our dads are our superheroes without capes, bringing their personalities and enriching their children’s lives in best possible ways. Be it the adventurous dads who teach us tropes of hikes and camping, the chef dads for introducing us to best breakfast waffles, to the beach dads who taught us how to surf and to the coach dads for being our biggest fans. This Father’s Day we thank and celebrate those dads who have always been that one constant in our lives.

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We have always wanted to be like our dad - our kids look up to us, literally and figuratively, forcing us to always be our best selves. Because dads are any child’s adventurous hero, they want to be just like him, those beach weekends would be incomplete without our matching dad and son shorts. Perfect for a dip in the ocean or chilled out day by the beach and tossing a ball with your boys, these board shorts are practical without getting in the way of having fun. Opt for our Parallel Board Short for that classic, easy going shorts or choose a floral style to show your fun side – Summers are all about beach days and having fun after all!


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If you are still stuck for choice, our Melbourne Pier board shorts , with the beach literally printed on the shorts, these shorts are bound to completely blow everything else out of water. Take your pick, and match up with your little boy.

With little time to spare and being a stylish dad, you want to come across as responsible but still approachable – the balance of dressing up as a dad. For the weekend getaways where you want to have a good time with your kids; our solid coloured Linen shirts are perfect for any time of the year and can take you from beach to the bar effortlessly.


Since linen is a forgiving and light summer fabric, its appeal lies in the creases. Linens take the least amount of time to iron, yet with a shirt collar and button ups they can be switched between a casual and semi formal vibe. Our linen shirts are breathable against the heat and the weave texture gives it something extra, letting you be a doting dad while you participate in summer activities with your kids. Be it firing up the barbie, playtime at the beach, the bar or dessert date with your significant other after the kids have gone to sleep, these shirts are sure to adapt to all situations.

Hikes and camping are a perfect adventure trip for the family that can promise fun as well as appreciation for nature and let kids be just that – kids. Shorter hike trails and camping are the perfect dad-kids bonding time where children get to see their hero in action whilst also stepping out of the lives beyond the digital age. It is a one-on-one experience kids never forget. From setting up tents, to cooking out to even catching fresh fish – these are cherished shared experiences that stay with a child and his dad forever. Creating such vivid memories, our printed tees make the perfect styling piece for your fun adventures.

A casual vibe is in order for your adventure trips, certainly not for serious outfits but definitely for serious style, our tees hit the mark perfectly. Breathable and easy, our tees make sure you are at your absolute best keeping it cool while having fun with your kids. Hiking down the trail or camping out, put your best style foot forward.

Be your kid’s hero this season, just like your Dad was yours.

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